Children’s Book Reading, Writing Workshop, and Book Launch Party

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Snowfort is sponsoring three book events on June 28-29, including a children's book reading at Essex Quarry and a writing workshop at Whitcomb's, followed by a Launch Party at Snowfort.

On June 28th and 29, Snowfort is pleased to sponsor a few literature-related events.

First, there will be a children’s book reading and participatory event at the Essex Quarry Trail and Nature Preserve. It’ll start at 4pm and go for a couple hours. Christine Sajecki and Michael Mäke will be there to lead kids of all ages in crafts and games related to rocks.

Sajecki and Mäke are the creators of Rocks: What Are They Doing, which is about to come out from Adam’s small press (Publishing Genius).

The next day (Saturday the 29th) will begin with a writing workshop at Whitcomb’s. It begins at 10am and will go till about noon. The will be led by Joseph Young, author of another new book from Publishing Genius: The Thing I Was Trying to Tell You. Whitcomb’s has already made the writing prompts available to visitors who were at the recent Ted Cornell opening—you can read them here.

Later that evening, we’ll have a launch party for both books. That event will be here at Snowfort at 7pm, and will feature readings, an art exhibit showcasing art from their books, refreshments, and music. Participants in the workshop earlier will be invited to read what they write.

Young’s book, The Thing I Was Trying to Tell You, is a collection of flash fiction, or very short stories. You can read a sample at Frigg:

A man goes to the supermarket and stands in the yogurt aisle, 8 feet long. He knows they don’t have his brand so he buys his least favorite kind. He takes it home, puts it in a bowl, and does not eat it.

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The cover features a painting by Julia Kier Wilson, an artist who recently moved to the Mineville area

Save the dates!

June 28

Children’s Reading and Craft Party

  • 4-6pm at the Essex Quarry Trail
  • Children’s book reading and activities
  • Homemade snacks

June 29

Writing Workshop

  • 10am at Whitcombs
  • Generative prompts based on the Ted Cornell Retrospective

Release Party

  • 7pm at Snowfort (6592 Main St. in Westport)
  • Readings by Joseph Young and Christine Sajecki & Michael Mäke
  • Open mic for workshop participants
  • Art exhibit featuring rock paintings and the cover painting from The Thing I Was Trying to Tell You by Julia Kier Wilson, a painter who recently moved to the Champlain Valley
  • Music, a toast, and more