A Room with a Toy

by | Co-learning

Envisioning an uncommon learning experience for a community, run by a community. That's something we can do in our small town, right?

Amy just showed me this quote from the book she’s reading now, Free to Learn by Peter Gray (affiliate link). She said it haunted her. I think that’s because it so neatly encapsulates our vision for Snowfort:

Imagine a center in your community where kids—and adults, too—could come to play, explore, make new friends, and learn: Computers, art supplies, athletic equipment, and science equipment would be available to play with. The public library might partner with it. Local people would offer classes—in music, art, athletics, math, foreign languages, cooking, business management, checkbook balancing, or anything else that people deemed fun, interesting, or important enough to study or practice in a structured way. There would be no requirements, no grades, no ranking or comparisons between people. Local theater and music groups could put on productions there, and people of all ages could form new groups depending on their interests. There would be a gymnasium for indoor play and, if possible, fields and woods for outdoor play and exploration. Children would come to the center, not because they have to, but because that is where their friends are and where there are so many exciting things to do. For parents who need child care during the day so they can work, the center might provide that, too, in an efficient way that capitalizes on the joy and benefit that older kids get out of helping to care for younger ones.

—Peter Gray, Free to Learn

Soon we hope to share more of our plan. If this sounds like a world you want to live in, the best thing to do now would be send us a message or join our mailing list. We’d love to hear any and all feedback.