Doing Things

by | Family Camp

Here’s what we’ve been up to, at our own chosen speed. Want to do an arts festival?

Amy and I so badly want to be doing big things—and are. But how do you track the “biding your time” part of the process?

That’s what we are up to these days—patiently getting the lay of the land. Testing our mettle. Inflating the bouncy castle of our lives.

In a sense, we’re working up a nice mental guidebook to the area, writing Yelp-like reviews in our brains and sometimes in our Notes app. (Come visit us to read our recommendations for the best Michigans around—though most restaurants seem to be closed for the season.)

Sometimes it feels like we are in a holding pattern as we get to know this new lifestyle and our new community. But we’re keeping active, and we are learning a lot. On the real estate front, we visited some acreage and an old commercial building to see if they could be the right spots from which to launch our whatsit. We met with an amazing and generous attorney who seems to know everyone in the Adirondacks—someone serious who totally gets Amy’s vision. It was good to vocalize things to him. Today Amy is meeting the director of a like-minded organization.

Plus there’s the work of settling into our house. My parents just visited for two weeks. My mom and I thrifted, and my dad knocked out a lot of our to-do list, including leveling our dining room table, setting up a rope swing, helping me buy a deep freeze, hanging another swing that our neighbor gave us—this time for the porch, painting Grace’s room six different colors, fixing some doors after we had carpet installed.

My mom helped out at the thrift store, in the garden picking raspberries and looking through some driftwood, and went with us to look at an old tractor that we decided we don’t need 😭:

The other day Amy said, offhandedly, “I want to live most of my life here.” That is saying something; I think most people imagine scenarios where they live in the best places all over the world. We’ve done some heavy daydreaming about living in Scotland, Hanoi, Mexico City—recently I thought a condo in Chicago would suit me best someday. But whenever we are in the car together, marveling at the natural beauty surrounding us, Amy says, almost under her breath, “I love it here.” A common refrain that I’m settling into as much as I’m settling into our house.

One pie-in-the-sky dream: On Sunday the whole family strolled around downtown Plattsburgh (and loved the bustling metropolis) and came upon a small park available for rent. Who wants to do an arts festival? I do!

(l know no one will see this, and that’s okay. It’s actually kind of the point. Our goal for this website, for now, is to work out our thoughts and feelings and plans here in a way that FEELS public but is really more of a secret archive.)

We also hosted a housewarming party where our friend Jason Lee played some songs for my dad, and we went to a potluck at the farm, what I’ve taken to calling “our farm,” where the girls met a cat. Plus, here’s me and Amy wearing hats in Plattsburgh: