Co-Learning Center

Our peaceful and open Co-Learning Center offers an environment of care and respect for children as they explore their natural curiosity, forge friendships, and discover the world. For homeschooling families, we offer community, resources, and support as caregivers and students navigate their unique educational journeys.

Let the Magic of Learning Unfold

The space is centered around an open-plan former hardware store, converted into a vibrant white room where children can choose to participate in experiential activities, find their own rhythm, daydream, and co-create their learning experience.

A Canvas for Mind and Spirit

The main room serves as art studio, laboratory, and dance floor, with a storytelling circle of mats woven from upcycled t-shirts, a real kitchenette for cooking and baking together, and plenty of books, maps, and costumes for experimentation and imaginative play.

Action and Activities

Behind the main building there’s a podcasting studio and makerspace, along with a loose-parts playground with real tools, lumber scraps, a sandpit and mud kitchen, garden, and climbing areas. Beyond that, the Adirondack Park is a classroom writ large.

Adventure Together

We provide direct and indirect support for families implementing the core homeschooling curriculum of their choice. At Snowfort, they gain enrichment through art, STEM activities, creative writing, gardening, cooking, and loose parts play.

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Use Our Resource Library

The sheer volume of homeschooling curricula available online and to purchase can be overwhelming. It can help to share ideas with other families and preview materials before you invest. At Snowfort, access a carefully curated collection of books and educational materials that align with our arts, literacy, social/emotional health, and justice approach to education.